is to promote the growth and prosperity of the arts through quality production and marketing of music and video while supporting and developing the ingenuity of great artists who are in need of our infrastructure.

Engineering & Production

Our experienced producers manage the logistics of your recording while helping with songs, rehearsals, musicians, arrangements, tone crafting, and conception. We supervise the entire process from pre-production to mixing and mastering.

Our Grammy award-winning engineers provide technical excellence, using the finest equipment, for recording, mixing, sound-design, post-production and mastering.

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Marketing & Social Media

The day-to-day grind of the social media world is an exhausting task. Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat… these are the modern sources we use to reach music lovers around the world. With the complicated algorithms and back pages of these sites, chances are, your fans aren’t seeing everything you post. We will compose and post compelling and current material on your networks so your fans focus on you and you focus on your music. Most importantly, we will target posts to your audience so they are guaranteed to see all you do.

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Career & Release Support

Once you’ve completed your production, the real work begins! We can assist with the things that have proven difficult to accomplish on your own…. set up your physical and digital distribution, develop a marketing campaign, brand your online presence, make a video, find a publicist and an agent, share your music with music supervisors, licensors, and labels.  We can also add you to our online artist page along with pics and links and will support your release through our regular social media marketing.


With a vast roster of talented videographers and editors, we can produce concert films, live concert streams, music videos, promo videos, documentaries, educational videos, or artful shorts.  We also provide Emmy winning score composition/sound design, post-production, and authoring services.

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