Garrett Sayers Trio Releases Full Studio Album - "Thinkbox"

It began in 2012, after bass extraordinaire Garrett Sayers began his personal project, Garrett Sayers Trio. Juggling an increasingly busy tour schedule with The Motet and various other projects, finding a time to get into the studio was a challenge. However this epic trio and Immersive's Mike Yach cut no corners to create one of the most incredible instrumental albums to come out of Immersive.

Layers upon layers of synthesizers, roto-toms and stylophones (through a Marshall half-stack, of course) went into this "thinkbox" and you will unbelievably surprised with the result.

Thinkbox releases on all digital distribution channels February 24th. Preorder on Bandcamp HERE now and receive a download of the title track "Thinkbox" instantly!

Release shows at Hodi's Half Note and Cervantes Other Side March 1st and 2nd.

Art by Add Noise Studios

Art by Add Noise Studios