Lara Ruggles

After three and a half years of sweat, pain, tears and love – and even actual blood – Colorado singer/songwriter Lara Ruggles released her debut full-length album, Cynics & Saints, on Immersive Records in October 2015. Cynics & Saints’ powerful vocals, lyrics as metaphorical as they are personal, and guitar-and-piano driven melodies take the listener on a journey that looks fearlessly into what it means to be willing to be broken; a reflection of the album’s creation.
After releasing the 2011 EP Out of an Eggshell Ruggles knew she was on the right path. It was the production and recording involvement of Steven Vidaic and Mike Yach at Immersive Records that brought this substantial project to fruition.

Cynics & Saints, while it speaks to the universal, is also an accurate representation of where Ruggles finds herself both personally and musically; a self-professed cynic fighting not to be a cynic. “Sometimes you want to give up and the only thing you know how to do to cope with it all is write another song,” Ruggles tell us. “As soon as it’s written all you want to do is sing it triumphantly for anyone who will listen. So you go out and book another tour and make another album. Because every time you try to give up, you write another song instead.”

Like any complete story, Cynics & Saints is filled with both fight and surrender. Elmore Magazine said, “Ruggles is honest and captivating in her lyrics and although the album is inspired by her own strengths and personal battles, these songs speak to everyone.”