Goodbye Champion

Goodbye Champion is the five-piece incarnation of a collaborative recording effort between Aaron Snyder and Steven Vidaic (Citizen Cope). They began earnestly writing and recording together in late 2003 focusing their efforts on the cohesive marriage of words and music. Sometimes anthemic, other times whimsical, their songs are a mixture of social commentary and personal experience with observational and philosophical leanings.

Following their 2006 EP, Paper Boat, Goodbye Champion released their debut full length album, 'din', on Immersive Records in December of 2008.  “'din' is an emotionally charged, far-reaching yet intelligible guitar rock record with classic and modern appeal.” The band followed with the release of two singles “Bayonet” and “Family Song” in 2010.

"We all love to discover new music that ignites our passion, where we feel that rush of 'Who is this? I want more!' moments. Many of us live for those moments, and mine came about after hearing "Outside, Looking In" from Goodbye Champion, which sunk into the cellular level of my being. The Paper Boat EP is an impressive body of work.  Much like Broken Social Scene and recent Notwist albums, the promising debut's strength lies in its subtlety and diversity. I wake up to this EP all the time."
      --Justin Eshak , A&R, Columbia Records