Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer is a former New York City public defender whose three years of living and working in Brooklyn’s trenches clearly provide fodder for the painful truths and ruggedness of his alternative roots-rock sound.

Palmer’s distinctively gritty vocals and hard luck tales have garnered him favorable comparisons to Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen. Westword Magazine calls Palmer’s music “timeless” and “epic” and listed his debut CD Sometime Around among one of Denver’s best releases of 2011.

Relix Magazine reviewed Palmer’s live show in July 2015, writing that “while the saying ‘Grub Street Writer’ refers to low-level writing with little literary value, the songwriting from Palmer and company is anything but hackneyed… [Palmer has] a raspy Dylan-esque voice that rumbles off the walls… GSW likely will find a wider audience in Colorado and beyond.” Pier Magazine featured Palmer, saying that he “has one of music’s most unique voices.  It’s deep, scratchy, and authentic…”  Continuing on the national level, Palmer was named by in the top 15 new independent artists of 2011 and 2012, and in November 2015, Palmer was featured on the Matador Network as one of Denver’s best musical artists. says: “Voices like this have not come to the forefront of the music scene since the likes of Louis Armstrong and Tom Waits.” Jive Wired enthuses: “Andy Palmer is an amazing talent and his honest and raw vocals serve to superbly compliment his wonderful arrangements.”